Hon’ble CM’s Message

Biodiversity encompasses the entire variety of life forms i.e. plants, animals and the micro organisms. It is very basis of our life and also the security of our life. The local communities are directly dependent on natural resources for their livelihood. They derive their food, clothing, fuel, medicines and shelter form bio-resources. Thus the economy, identity and cultural and spiritual values of the people are closely linked with biological diversity and natural ecosystems. Human interference in the from of habitat destruction, overexploitation, poaching, introduction of exotics, fragmentation of biodiversity rich areas etc. have, however, scaled up ongoing reduction in biodiversity accompanied with loss to genetic diversity, thus resulting in a threat to very existence of human being on the earth.This unwarranted situation has drawn the attention of the entire “world community”. The “International Convention on Biodiversity” came in to existence because of this grave situation. The state of Rajasthan has issued ‘Rajasthan Biological Rules, 2010’ under the provisions of ‘Biological Diversity Act 2002’ enacted by Government of India to conserve the biological resources and to ensure their sustainable use as also to equitably share benefits among the various stakeholders. Rajasthan State Biodiversity Board has been constituted for this very purpose and will act as catalyst. Nevertheless, active support and cooperation of the whole society is indispensable for this noble cause.I specially urge that we proactively support our “local bodies” i.e. Panchayats, Panchayat Samitis, Zila Parishads, Municipal Boards, Municipal Councils and Municipal Corporation,who shoulder,along with the Rajasthan State Biodiversity Board, the actual responsibility of conserving biological resources. Let us resolve to work together to conserve biodiversity so that all forms of life can coexist amicably on this beautiful planet.