Particulars Date Download
Office order regarding delegation of power to grant/refuse CTE/CTO 28/08/2019
Office order for Brick Klins located in Municipal/Urbans limits of five non attainment cities. 25/06/2019
Regarding no further new Industries which generates trade effluent should be allowed by RSPCB in the Balotra, Bithuja and Jasol in the compliance of order of NGT.  02/04/2019 PDF
Transfer order dated 05/03/2019 05/03/2019 PDF
Office order regarding withdrawal of the earlier office order no CD&SCMG (Gen-3) RSPCB/1235-1271 dated 24/01/2017 14/02/2019
Office order regarding Stone Crushers located on Mining Lease 14/02/2019
Office order regarding withdrawal of the earlier office order no F12(PSC-8)/RSPCB/PSC/724-760 dated 14/11/2018 30/01/2019
Regarding the Approved fuels for the purpose of the Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act 1981 in the Rajasthan 22/01/2019
Regarding the Environmental Clearance will be deemed as consent to establish 17/12/2018
Regarding the extension of Special Dispensation Scheme 14/09/2018
Transfer Order dated 31/08/2018 31/08/2018
Format related with pet coke for industrial units 09/05/2018
Format related with pet coke for authorized dealers 09/05/2018
Format related with pet coke for producer & refinery 09/05/2018
Revised categorization for consent mechanism 08/05/2018
Regarding Tatkal Scheme for obtaining consent 27/04/2018
Regarding amendment in the documents specified in checklist of documents 24/04/2018
Regarding all Regional Officers and Lab Incharges of Regional Offices to collect samples atleast once in six months 23/04/2018
Transfer order dated 17/04/2018 17/04/2018
Transfer order of Shri Naveen Vyas, SEE and Shri Mahaveer Mehta, EE 07/04/2018
Notification regarding exercise of powers under Air & Water act as State Board Analysts for
approved Board Officials
Regarding new classification of the industries into Red/Orange and Green category 16/03/2018
Format for registration to sale and use of pet coke in cement plants and lime kilns in NCR 15/03/2018
Amendment in office order dated 01/02/2018 regarding use of Pet Coke in lime kiln units with the quantity mentioned 07/02/2018
Amendment in office order dated 01/02/2018 regarding use of Pet Coke in lime kiln units with the quantity mentioned 05/02/2018
Regarding use of Pet Coke in lime kiln units with the quantity mentioned 01/02/2018
Regarding lime kiln industries are permitted to use pet coke as a fuel 22/01/2018
Regarding cement plants are permitted to use pet coke as a fuel 22/01/2018
Regarding validity of bank guarantee shall be for a period of five years 22/01/2018
Regarding delegation of green categories from Acknowledgement cell to Regional office 19/01/2018
Regarding Industries having township/residential colony 02/01/2018
Regarding Fee for online monitoring connectivity 27/12/2017
Direction to all the Regional Officers to ensure that Pet Coke and Furnace Oil are not used by any industry 27/12/2017
Regarding obtaining documents of legal source of raw material for Stone Crusher and Mineral Grinding 14/12/2017
Regarding Shri Rajkumar Sharma, SSO 13/11/2017
Regarding additional work to Shri Ashok Kumar Gupta, SEE (HO) 13/11/2017
Regarding financial approval of Short term and Long term training courses 27/10/2017
Office Order for Central Inspection System 23/10/2017
Regarding withdrawn of delegation power from Regional Office 09/10/2017
Transfer Order 22/09/2017
Government Notification regarding Fly ash 21/08/2017
Action Taken Report (ATR) 2015-2016 regarding hazardous wastes  16/08/2017
Regarding creation of a new cell for Stone Crushers, Mineral Grinding units and Dimentional stone processing units, at HO 04/08/2017
Regarding water cess act 03/08/2017
Posting Order of Shri Vikash Singh, JSO 14/07/2017
Regarding HSW/MSW file process 06/07/2017
Regarding Solar Power Plant 05/07/2017
Regarding Environmental Clearance amended for incorporation of stone crusher in cases of mines 30/06/2017
Office Order regarding delegation of powers to the Member Secretary of the State Board 19/06/2017
Office Order regarding pet coke is considered to be an approved fuel 15/06/2017
Office Order regarding CGWA 13/06/2017
Office Order regarding Sh. Mahaveer Mehta, Regional Officer, Jodhpur 09/05/2017
Office Order regarding delegation powers to Regional Officers for Quartz Grinding Industries 21/03/2017
Requirement of EC for Crusher on Lease 24/01/2017
Office Order regarding Quartz Grinding Industries 12/01/2017
Office Order For Textile Units 02/12/2017
Posting Order Of Sh Sharad Saxena 22/12/2016
Posting Order Of Sh Sharad Saxena 05/12/2016
Transfer Order 10/10/2016
Recommendations of CPCB regarding Pollution Control Measures for Quartz Grinding Industries 22/09/2016
Office order for manufacturing earthenpots, toys, bricks, kawelus etc. by Ava- Kajawa method 12/07/2016

Appeleant Authority

Deemed Consent 24/06/2016
Green and Orange Category Inception 09/06/2016
 White Category (Exempted from Consent Mechanism) 31/05/2016
Consent Period/Validity of Red, Orange and Green Category of Industries 27/05/2016
Circular regarding Online documents/Submission 31/05/2016
Auto Renewal for Consent 16/05/2016
Auto Generation Inspection 02/05/2016
Pending CTE / CTO Monitoring 02/05/2016
Provisionaly Grant Consent 02/05/2016
Transfer Order (Jaipur S Staff) 10/02/2016
Transfer Order (JaipurS and JaipurN) 09/02/2016
Transfer Order (Alwar and Bhiwadi) 09/02/2016
Nodal Officer (CETP) 05/02/2016
BMW upto 100 Beds Power delegates to RO 13/01/2016
New RO Creation 11/01/2016



ATR 2014


Office Order Energy Department


Public notice  BMW


Refund of excess Fee Deposited for the Application 30/12/2015

EC for Mines 


Dispose of Query License


EIA Notification


Amendment of Pollution of Stone Crusher Industry


Prohibited of left over straw


Non acceptance of DD


Direction for Regional Offices for Stone Crusher industries


Nodal Officer for NGT Directions


Digital Signature Order


Inspection Directions


Nomination of Members for Online Monitoring


NOC without insisting of CGWA


Procedure for Green Category Industries


Office Order of Energy Department regarding Electricity Connection 10/12/2015

Action Taken Report on the Direction of Supreme Court 18/12/2015

Categorization of industries / Projects / Processes / activities / mines 07/03/2013