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(Reduce, Recycle and Recover)

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Waste to Resources Startup Funding Scheme

Problem to Solution:

Bringing Change

Millions of tons of Marble slurry, Kota stone slurry, Municipal solid waste, E-waste and Industrial waste especially from units like smelters are disposed off on landfill sites causing environmental issues. These solid wastes can be converted into useful products through technological innovations. All it needs is smart and indigenous ideas of our youth who are well equipped with technical skills and a startup mindset.

Your Idea:

Our Funds

Adding to the present start-up policy of Rajasthan State we have launched a Start-up Scheme to promote entrepreneurship as well as investments in the solid waste sector focusing on 3 Rs' (Reduce, Recycle and Recover). Your innovative idea can get upto 25 lacs from our corpus fund of 5 crores.

Forget Cribbing:

Start Creating

One of the targets will be helping the youth and involving the women in this endeavor. The goal is to solve the problem by creating startups that can turn waste into resourceful products and services.

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