Acts & Rules


Date Detail Documents
12/08/2021 Gazette Notification on Plastic Waste Management (Amendment) Rules, 2021
15/09/2021 AMENDMENT -Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 (Central Act No. 29 of 1986)
10/11/2010 Empowerment of Sub-Divisional Magistrate under Environment Protection Act, 1986 - The Gazette of India Dated 10 November 2010  
20/05/2009 Recognition of Laboratories Under Water Act and Air Act by RSPCB  
05/02/2003 Bio-diversity Act, 2002
19/03/1998 The Rajasthan Civil Services (Special Selection and Special Conditions of Service of Directors, Deputy Directors and Scientific Officers of the Department of Environment) Rules, 1998
24/03/1992 Public Liability Insurance Act,1991  
23/05/1986 Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, Amended 1991
23/03/1974 Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution)  Acts  1974
29/03/1981 Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution)  Acts 1981


Date Detail Documents
16/11/2022 Rajasthan Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) (Amendment) Rules, 2022.
16/11/2022 Rajasthan Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) (Amendment) Rules, 2022.
11/08/2021 Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board (Qualifications and other Terms and Conditions of Service of the Chairman and Member Secretary) Rules, 2021
08/04/2016 Solid Waste Management (SWM) Rules, 2016 
  State Policy for Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 ( LSG Department)
  Bye Laws for SWM (LSG Department) Date 12.04.2019
  Bye Laws for SWM (Panchayati Raj Department)  
  List of ULBs in the State
  Model Action Plan for Solid Waste Management (LSG Department)
  List of Model Cities, Towns and 3 Gram Panchayath
  List of Dumping Yards in RIICO areas  
  Details of STP, ETP & CETP in RSPCB  
  Details of Solid Waste Generation, Collection, Processing and Disposal in ULB  
  Technology wise Plans already running, ongoing proposed with capacities  
  Annual Reports submission to CPCB  
  State Level Advisory Committee, order dt. 07.04.2019  
  IEC Plan, RSPCB  
04/04/2016  Hazardous and Other Wastes (Management and Trans boundary Movement) Rules, 2016
  Action Plan for Compliance of Rules  
  Annual Report Submitted to CPCB  
29/03/2016 Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules, 2016
28/03/2016 Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules,2016
  State Level Advisory Committee; Order dt.  
  Status of Health Care Facility Authorization  
  Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facilities  
  Annual Reports submitted to CPCB  
  Action Plan for compliance of Rules  
23/03/2016 e-waste (Management) Rules, 2016
  Action Plan for Compliance of Rules  
  Annual Report Submitted to CPCB  
18/03/2016 Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016
27/03/2019 Plastic West Management (Amendment) Rule, 2019
  State Level Monitoring Committee, Order dt. 07.04.2019  
  Order for Ban on Plastic bags. dt. 27.07.2010  
  Seizure of Plastic Bags & Penalty unopposed/realised (RIICO/RSPCB)  
  Annual Report Submission to CPCB  
  Use of Plastic in construction of Roads; PWD order dt. 04.04.2019  
  Plastic Waste Management Action Plan for Rajasthan -LSG
10/12/2010 Notification regarding amendment of Schedule IV in Rajasthan water (Prevention and control of pollution) Rules,1975 and amendment of Schedule in Rajasthan Air (Prevention and control of pollution) Rules, 1983.  
24/06/2010 The Rajasthan Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Amendment Rules, 2010 & The Rajasthan Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Amendment Rules, 2010 -- Regarding Consent Fee  
11/01/2010 The Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) (Amendment) Rules, 2010  
15/04/2004 Bio-diversity Rules, 2004
24/03/1992 Public Liability Insurance Act,1991  
19/11/1986 Environment (Protection) Rule, 1986
14/02/2000 Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules 2000
27/02/1975 Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution)  Rules 1975
18/11/1982 Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution)  Rules 1982