Description Date File Type
Office Order regarding ban on use of pet coke and furnace oil 27/12/2017
Office Order regarding Fee for Establishment of Online Effluent/Emission Quality Monitoring System 27/12/2017
Office Order regarding directions to Regional Officers to obtain documents of legal source of raw material 14/12/2017
Office Order regarding Sh. Rajkumar Sharma (SSO) to discharge his duties at RO, Kota 13/11/2017
Office Order regarding Sh. Ashok Kumar Gupta (SEE) to discharge the duties assigned for CSO  13/11/2017
Office Order regarding Financial approval for Short Term and Long Term Training Courses 27/10/2017
Office Order regarding inspection to be carried out in accordance with the Central Inspection System (CIS) developed by DOIT&C 23/10/2017
Office Order regarding Delegation of Power to Dispose cases for grant or refusal to RO 09/10/2017
Transfer Order 22/09/2017
Govt. Notification regarding Fly Ash 21/08/2017
Office Order regarding Consent matters related to Stone Crushers, Mineral Grinding and Dimensional Stones processing unit is created 04/08/2017
Office Order regarding Water Cess not to be assessed and collected for period 1st July, 2017 onwards 03/08/2017
Posting Order- Sh. Vikas Singh 14/07/2017
Office Order regarding Files related to Authorization 06/07/2017
Office Order regarding Solar Power generation through Photovoltaic Cell and Wind Power exemption from obtaining CTO/CTE 05/07/2017
Office Order regarding Environmental Clearance amended for incorporation of Stone Crusher 30/06/2017
Office Order regarding Powers to perform specific functions delegated to the Member Secretary 19-06-2017
Office Order regarding Pet Coke to be considered as an 'Approved Fuel' 15/06/2017
Office Order regarding submission of receipt of application for abstraction of ground water from CGWA 13/06/2017
Circular regarding Inspection Report submitted through MIS by all RO & Group Incharges 23/05/2017
Office Order for Sh. Mahaveer Mehta- APO 09/05/2017
Office order regarding Power to Delegation to Regional Officers for Quartz Industries 21/03/2017
Office Order regarding Requirement of EC for Crusher on Lease 24/01/2017
Office Order regarding Close down of non compliant Quartz Industries 12/01/2017
Office Memorandum regarding Stipulation of additional condition in respect of textile units, units of Cotton/Woollen/Carpets/Polyester, units having Printing/Dyeing/Bleeching process or manufacturing and Garment units 02/01/2017