Description Date File Type
Office Order for partial modification in the Office Order dated 19/01/2023 regarding rolling mills 06/06/2023

Office Order regarding Hackathon Result Declaration

Office Order regarding engagement of Sh. Mahendra Chaudhary as IT/GIS Officer for EIACP on Contractual Basis 29/05/2023
Office Order regarding induction furnaces to be covered under the Hazardous and Other waste (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2016 23/05/2023
Office Order regarding PTZ Cameras for effective monitoring of the units covered under CEMS AND CEQMS  23/05/2023
Office Order regarding inspection/monitoring of all the units covered under OCEMS 19/05/2023
Office Order regarding permission for usage of coal as fuel in new boilers 17/05/2023
Office Order regarding extension of back period fee exemption for HCFs 15/05/2023
Office Order regarding extension of last date for submission of application under Award Scheme for Induction & Reheating Furnaces 15/05/2023
Office Order regarding extension in timelines to apply under award scheme for CETPs and STPs of Rajasthan 15/05/2023
Office Order regarding mass mobilization on Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) for awareness in people 12/05/2023
Office Order regarding bi-annual inspection of industries to avoid re-establishment of the machines/equipments to operate processes that require EC 11/05/2023
Office Order regarding Cross Verification of the GreenCo Rated Industries by Technical Experts empanelled by RSPCB 10/05/2023
Office Order regarding Lab/Testing Facility- M/s Team Institute of Science- Technology Pvt. Ltd., C-Scheme, Jaipur 28/04/2023
Office Order for effective implementation of ban on SUP Items through public involvement  26/04/2023
Office Order for new boilers in the State to be multi-fuel based and applicable standards on each fuel 10/04/2023
Office Order regarding inspection and monitoring of industries covered under OCEMS 10/04/2023
Office Order regarding standard mechanism, procedure and timelines for processing of refund of fee 28/03/2023
Office Order regarding compliance by units which have been issued closure directions by the State Board previously before subsequent grant of consent 28/03/2023
Office Order to allow shifting of industries from rented premises to owned converted land in Bithuja 28/03/2023
Modification in Mechanism for Environmental Management of Critically and Severely Polluted Area and considerations of activities/ projects in such areas in compliance to Hon'ble NGT Order dated 23.08.2019 in the matter of O.A. No. 1038/2018 22/03/2023
Regarding Utilization of stone slurry, cutting waste etc. for gainful purposes or disposal at the earmarked dumping yards 14/03/2023
Office Order regarding Guidelines for ensuring health and safety of employees carrying out Stack Monitoring in industries or other places 09/03/2023
Office Order regarding all new boilers to only be set up based on clean fuels like LPG/PNG/CNG/LSHS and biomass briquettes 03/03/2023
Office Order regarding directions to Control Ambient Noise in Industrial Areas 28/02/2023
Office Order regarding Award Scheme for CETPs and STPs of Rajasthan 23/02/2023
Office Order regarding amendment/insertion of some sectors in Orange and Green category 22/02/2023
Office Order regarding engagement on the posts of Consultants for SEIAA and SEAC- 1 & 2, GoR  14/02/2023
Office Order regarding timelines for disposal of consent/authorisation applications 06/02/2023
Office Order regarding acceptance of connectivity cum allotment certificate in case of fresh allotment of effluent (KLD) and/or any change in allotted effluent (KLD) 06/02/2023
Office Order regarding effective monitoring and utilization of SCADA data of the CETPs 06/02/2023
Office Order for cases of subsequent applications after refusal of Consent/Authorization at RO Level 06/02/2023
Office Order regarding Laboratory Work of Regional Office, Nagaur, RSPCB 03/02/2023
Office Order regarding modification in Guidelines for Abatement and Control of Pollution in Mineral Grinding Industries 24/01/2023
Office Order for Rolling Mills to switch over to cleaner fuel like LPG/PNG/CNG/LSHS etc. 19/01/2023
Transfer Order for Officials of the State Board 13/01/2023
Office Order regarding exemption from obtaining CTE/CTO for "Solar Power generation through Photovoltaic Cell and Wind Power"  Units  06/01/2023
Office Order regarding Inspection/Monitoring Frequency in case of Textile Process Houses  03/01/2023
Office Order regarding formalizing imposition of Environmental Compensation 03/01/2023