RAJASTHAN STATE BIODIVERSITY BOARD, JAIPUR NOTIFICATION Jaipur, October 11, 2013 No: F1(25) RSBB/Tech./2013:- The Rajasthan State Biodiversity Board, in exercise of the power conferred under the provisions of rule 19(1) of Rajasthan Biological Diversity Rules, 2010 fixes only the processing fee as Rs. 5000/- (in words Rupees Five thousand only), for application in Form Number 1, for any citizen of India or a body corporate, association or organization registered in India seeking permission of the Rajasthan State Biodiversity Board for access to/collection of biological resource, available within the boundaries of State of Rajasthan, for commercial utilization or bio-survey and bio-utilization for commercial utilization. Deepak Bhatnagar Member Secretary Rajasthan State Biodiversity Board Jaipur