Administrative Department

Environment Department

The bounty of nature has provided us with pure/fresh water and air abundance, but due to population explosion, scientific development, industrialization and uncontrolled urbanization, the natural resources are dwindling regularly. It is our moral duty to heed to the mirth and comfortable life of the forthcoming generation with enhancement of the healthy environmental standards. To fulfil those objectives and to address the environmental problems, the Government of Rajasthan has established Department of Environment since Sept, 1983.

Work and objectives of the Department of Environment

Department of Environment has been entrusted with following responsibilities: 

1. Matters connected with Environment and Ecology and to function as a Nodal Department for all matters pertaining to:-

  (a) Preservation of Ecological Balance.
  (b) Research and Studies on Environmental Matters.
  (c) Activities directly or indirectly connected with Environment.

2. Prevention and control of soil, water, sound and atmospheric pollution including all matters connected with the Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board.

3. All establishment matters relating to offices and staff under the administrative control of the Department except matters allotted to the Department of Personnel,  General Adm. Forests and Finance Department.

4. All matters connected with Rajasthan State Bio-Diversity Board.