Biodiversity Heritage Sites (BHS)

Biodiversity Heritage Sites are rich Biodiversity Areas and are important components of local ecosystems which are being conserved and managed by the society. As per provision under Section 37(1) of ‘Biological Diversity Act, 2002’, The State Government may, from time to time in consultation with the local bodies, notify in the Official Gazette, areas of biodiversity importance as biodiversity heritage sites under this Act.

Likewise, as per provision under Rule 22(1) of ‘Rajasthan Biological Diversity Rules, 2010’, the Board shall, in consultation with the local bodies and other key stakeholders, take necessary steps to notify areas of significant bio-diversity values as Heritage Sites. 

Guideline of Biodiversity Heritage Sites (BHS).

Identification of Biodiversity Heritage Sites (BHS)  in Minutes of the 12th Meeting of the Rajasthan State Biodiversity Board held on April 20th, 2022.

The Board Members were informed that “Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan” has given memorandum for declaring seven orans in Jaisalmer, Barmer and Jodhpur districts, as Biodiversity Heritage Sites (BHS). Similar proposal for declaring Lohargal Pilgrim Area, which hosts a unique Arawali ecosystem, in Jhunjhunu district was also received from BMC Lohargal. RSBB has issued a letter dated 16.02.2021 to CCF, Jodhpur for preparing a proposal for these sites. The said proposal was received from CCF, Jodhpur on 02.03.2022 regarding declaration of seven orans as BHS. However, out of these seven proposals for BHS, three orans (Dhonk Oran, Eita Oran and Jakhan Oran) were considered as disputed sites by CCF, Jodhpur and hence unsuitable for declaring as BHS.

The 5 sites which are proposed for notification as Biodiversity Heritage Sites are as follows:

•      Ramdevra, Jaisalmer,

•      Sanvta, Jaisalmer,

•      Oonrod, Barmer,

•      Mungeria, Barmer and

•      Lohargal, Jhunjhunu.

These proposals have already been sent to Environment Department, Government of Rajasthan for further action.

The Board Members approved the proposal for declaration of 5 orans as Biodiversity Heritage sites.