International day for Biodiversity-2020

     Various programs were organized on the occasion of International Biodiversity Day on 22 May this year.

1. Biodiversity Studies WorkshopOn 22 May, a general biodiversity study was conducted in Keoladeo National Park in small teams to educate the staff of the entire Bharatpur Wildlife Forest Division, and the bee hives were counted to assess the richness of biodiversity. Along with this, a list of the species of plants seen by all the workers was prepared. From all this, proper data has been collected about the biodiversity of the National Park and there has been a very good awareness among the staff.

2. Water paranda for birdsWater paranda were installed for the birds in various police stations, other government offices, business establishments all over Bharatpur district. In a water-stressed state like Rajasthan, such activities send the message of helping birds and saving water. (PDF)