Awareness and Education

Biodiversity conservation should be included in the school syllabus

The biological wealth of Rajasthan in terms of its potential to contribute to human development is well known. This is especially noticeable with reference to medicinal plants. It is our collective responsibility to not only tap these resources but also to preserve and conserve them for our future generations.

All the efforts in this regard will be ineffective unless the young generation is educated about the richness of Nation’s Biodiversity and different aspects of its conservation, right at the school level.

  In the 2nd meeting of Rajasthan State Biodiversity Board, it was decided that biodiversity conservation should be included in the school syllabus and at least one chapter should be added in the course books of 8th to 10th class standard. These chapters should be in an easy to grasp language. Accordingly one chapter each for 8th, 9th and 10th class course books of Rajasthan Board for Secondary Education were drafted at the level of this Board. The drafted chapters were approved by the Board in its 3rd meeting. These approved chapters have been sent to the Principal Secretary to Government, School and Sanskrit Education, Rajasthan Jaipur & Rajasthan Board for Secondary Education . Rajasthan State Biodiversity Board with an advice that this course material shall be got screened through the course committees and after that shall be included in Science or Environmental education course books of the respective classes in Rajasthan.


State Biodiversity Board to form ‘bio clubs’ in Schools

(Hindustan Times e-Paper)