Threatened Species of Rajasthan

According to Section-38 of Biological Diversity Act, 2002, the Central Government, in consultation with the concerned State Government, may from time to time notify any species which is on the verge of extinction or likely to become extinct in the near future as a threatened species and prohibit or regulate collection thereof for any purpose and take appropriate steps to rehabilitate and preserve those species.

In this way, both endangered floral and faunal species have to be identified for their conservation. Rajasthan State Biodiversity Board in its 3rd meeting approved the list of rare, threatened and endangered plant and animal species for onward transmission to National Biodiversity Authority. The list of such identified plants has been forwarded to Botanical Survey of India for their opinion in this regard and to suggest any change if required.

Plants  (PDF) R-E-&T-Plants

Animals (PDF) R-E-&T-Animals 

The list of criticaly endangered plant species of economic value for approval under consideration at Ministry of environment, forest and clemate change (Moef & CC) level. (click here)