Biodiversity Park at Udaipur

During the year 2012 it was decided by Rajasthan State Biodiversity Board that Biodiversity Park be created at all divisional head quarters of the state. In this context Gamdhar forest area, near Udaipur divisional head quarter, under forest division Udaipur (North), situated about 15 kms away on Udaipur, Nathdwara route was selected as most suitable site for Biodiversity Park. Gamdhar forest area is a part of reserved forest block Amberi. The total area Amberi forest block is 349 hectares out of which 90 hectares area upto Cheerwa revenue village has been identified to be developed on park. This biodiversity park will be an important and suitable site for knowledge for biodiversity and educating the students, environmentalists, research scholars and departmental employees.

            The natural forest wealth here is good. There exists a mixture of thorny and deciduous forest as per champion and Seth. On out slopes there exist kumta and its associate the Thor scrub whereas the inner slopes support Godal/Gurjan, Salar, Karaya and associated species. The nalah banks and the moist valleys support good diversity. Such areas support very good quantitative and qualitative diversity of Bis tendu, Timru, Mahua, Bahera, Sitaphal, Chandan, Harsingare, Karonda, Dhavri, Climbers, wood climbers, tubers, ferns, bryophytes etc.

            Here Leopard, Hyaena, Jacal, Bluebull, variety of birds, Lizards, Snakes, Frogs, Butterflies, Moths, Spider etc. are found commonly. At places in the nalah beds the canopy density is above 0.7. The outskirts are comparatively open. The area abounds in lantana. The control of lantana would facilitate to improve biodiversity. The micro climate of the area is good.

            Biodiversity Park was created in Year 2016. Up to 2014-15 a sum of Rs. 40.00 lacs had been released for the development of Biodiversity Park.

Bioddiversity Park in Gamdhar, Udaipur (PDF)