Biodiversity Heritage Sites

Biodiversity Heritage Sites are rich Biodiversity Areas and are important components of local ecosystems which are being conserved and managed by the society. As per provision under Section 37(1) of ‘Biological Diversity Act, 2002’, The State Government may, from time to time in consultation with the local bodies, notify in the Official Gazette, areas of biodiversity importance as biodiversity heritage sites under this Act.

Likewise, as per provision under Rule 22(1) of ‘Rajasthan Biological Diversity Rules, 2010’, the Board shall, in consultation with the local bodies and other key stakeholders, take necessary steps to notify areas of significant bio-diversity values as Heritage Sites. On recommendation of the Board, after consultation with the Central Government, the State Government may issue notification to this effect.

In the first phase, following sites have been selected to be notified as ‘Biodiversity Heritage Sites’:

i.        Akal wood fossil Park, Jaisalmer. 

ii.        Keora-ki-nal, Udaipur.

iii.        Ram-kunda, Udaipur.

iv.        Nag-pahar, Ajmer. 

v.        Chhapoli- Mansa Mata, Jhunjhunu.